Your privacy is important to me. That is why I’ve included several options in the contract whether to allow me or not to use your pictures for the marketing of my brand. All images shared online will be watermarked. Although watermarks will not dissuade those who really want to steal a picture, it will be an inconvenience.

Your options are listed below:

  • You can choose to keep your pictures private. Your images will not be used/shared at all apart from the small thumbnail in your gallery page.
  • I can use the images on the blog or marketing, but it’s subject to your approval.
  • or I am allowed to use any images I wish without contacting you.

Please note, the options above does not apply on the client galleries. These are the password protected pages you access with your password to select, download and order your photos. A thumbnail (aka. small picture from the session) is used so you can find your photos easily.

About your data, Snowdon Photography do not hold any sensitive data about our clients on our website. We deleted our blog and disabled our comment sections. The only information we hold in your private gallery is your email address so you can view/download/share your photographs yourself.

Your data when you order prints is with our 3rd party suppliers, this is for the purpose of billing and order delivery. Other data we hold on our database relates to names and addresses of clients for invoicing & delivery purposes only. We will keep this data as long as we keep client images in our archives. Without this information, we will not be able to find client pictures.

All images taken for the purpose of identification requirements (passport, ID, Visa photos) are not stored in our system, they are deleted after 5 days.

Snowdon Photography do not send mailshots and newsletters, our offers are found here or on our social media accounts.


All of the services include time, artistry, retouching and digital files. Additional products can be purchased from your gallery.

  • All packages include instant download of the gallery pictures at a size is good enough for prints up to 5×7 inches. Larger print sizes can be purchased in the gallery.
  • All print orders are fulfilled by a professional lab based in the United Kingdom.
  • Albums, photobooks and other products not in the gallery can be ordered by directly contacting me.
  • Your private gallery will be available for 3 months to give you time to enjoy your pictures, download and to order prints. After this period, gallery content will be deleted to make space for future clients.
  • Life Mask display takes approximately 7 days from capture to delivery. Subject to type of material and size.
  • Life Mask pendant and charms will take approximately 15 to 20 days from capture to delivery, subject to availability of material (gold and silver.