• Do you deliver a copy of the raw files?
    No. All images will be processed and delivered in JPEG.
  • Can we customise the packages?
    Yes. We can customise the packages to meet your needs. This can be an inclusion of more family members or a predefined product. An appropriate session fee will be charged to reflect these changes.
  • How many photos will be taken?
    I will take as many pictures as necessary to give a wide choice and usually depends on the number of people and their cooperation.
  • If one of us is unwell or becomes unavailable?
    We will arrange another appointment and transfer your booking fee to that appointment. Session fees (Portrait session) and booking fees (all other packages) are payable when booking, either by transfer or credit card (via paypal). They are non-refundable and reserve the photography time for your session. If you need to change your appointment, please give at least 48hours notice and we will be happy to reschedule at no additional charge.
  • Do we need permissions when shooting on location?
    In some places permissions are required, some will require payment, others don’t. However, there are a lot of places that do not require permissions for photos.
  • What if the weather turns bad?
    I can shoot in different lighting conditions and achieve great images. If the weather is very wet, we can reschedule the appointment. If you are not afraid of the elements then I will be happy to shoot in different weather conditions.
  • Do you retouch or enhance pictures?
    All images are individually colour corrected and enhanced where necessary. Portrait retouching is on request only and an additional charge will be quoted.
  •  Can we buy framed pictures for the wall?
    Yes, you can. We also use the services of a well established trade supplier with over 30 years of experience and provides a variety of options.
  • Where can we view and select the pictures?
    Your images will be uploaded to an online gallery with password. If having technical problems, you may send your selections (filenames) by email.