Capturing a three dimensional likeness of ourselves and loved ones isn’t new. For centuries our ancestors  created and admired figurines, sculptures, life masks, death masks and miniature wax portraits of our loved ones, muses, leaders and heroes.

Textured 3D print of a face mask in PLA.

Inspired by the works of great artists, I  would like to offer you a unique opportunity of creating a totally different kind of portraiture. For a small fee of £75 and at the comfort of your own home, I will come and photograph you with our special camera. This fee also includes my time, artistry, post processing and a desk top framed print of your face using PLA, a biodegradable plastic.

Other Options

We can create  a beautiful piece of jewellery or create a sculptural display from your image. Below are some of the items we can create for you.

Product Material Price
5×7″ Framed mask Plastic Included in package
Charms & pendant (2cm to 3cm) Plastic / Metal Price on request.
Framed Lifesize mask Plastic / Metal Price on request.